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Our hardware is designed for easy installation and long life. Sensors can be installed on small 110 V appliances to large three phase power supplies and everything in between.

Each location requires at least one sensor and one data logger. Each data logger can receive data from up to 10 individual sensors. The gateway is connected via Ethernet cable to a router. The data logger automatically sends all energy sensor data to the Enerati cloud every 60 seconds.


Enerati Starter Kit

One gateway with one transmitter with 2 ct clamps (everything needed to measure one standard home or small office.

Ho w it Wor ks


Extra Sensors

CT clamp Transmitters

Wireless Transmitter with 1,2 or 3 ct clamps. Can be used to measure any hardwired appliances, circuits or panels. 110 V, 220 V and 208-277-480 V Three Phase

Individual Appliance Monitor

Convenient plug sensor measures any standard 110 V outlet.

Real Time Display

An optional real time display can be placed in a central location and display real time information from all the sensors.





How it works

Setting up the Enerati system is quick and easy. Simply follow the 4 steps below and you are done:

Connect one to ten energy sensors to:

       Sensors can be either CT clamp or plug based.


Individual Appliance Monitor

CT Clamp Sensor

with wireless transmitter

Sync or pair the various sensors wirelessly with the Internet gateway or display with web bridge.

Connect gateway or display with web bridge to router via Ethernet cable.

Set up your Enerati account

View Enerati on any Internet connected device including tablets and smart phones.





EnviR with Web Bridge kit

One EnviR display, one web bridge, one transmitter with 2 ct clamps.


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