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Envi Monitoring Hardware

Our systems can be configured for any type of energy monitoring requirement. All devices communicate wirelessly between the sensor and receiver. Receivers can receive data from up to 10 sensors. Sensors can be Ct Clamp based or plug (IAM) based.

Water Heater







Main Panel


There are two types of sensors:

CT Clamp based sensors are clamps that connect to a wireless transmitter. CT clamps can be used on any wire up to 1 inch in diameter with a maximum amperage of 300 amps and 600 Volts.

The clamps measure a magnetic field that is created as energy flows through an electric wire. The CT clamps are connected to a wireless transmitter that is battery powered with 2 standard D size batteries. These batteries should last 7 years. Each transmitter can connect up to three ct clamps.


There are two basic types of receivers:

Data Output to PC or Internet from the EnviR

The EnviR can export its data to the Enerati portal or local PC. In order to upload data from the EnviR to the Internet users connect a web bridge. On optional serial to USB cable can be used to upload data to a PC.

Web Bridge

USB Cable

The Envi receiver can be paired with up to 10 sensors. The Envi has a display and can store and export data via a computer cable or web bridge. Details

The Internet Gateway receiver. The Gateway connects to a router with an Ethernet cable and send all usage information to the Enerati portal. The Internet Gateway can receive and send data from up to 10 individual sensors.

Ct Clamp


IAM (Individual Appliance Monitors) are plug based type sensors that plug into any standard outlet. Once plugged in each plug will send real time energy usage information every 8-10 seconds to the receiver(s).

IAM’s are designed to be used in standard 15 amp 110 V outlets with grounding prong. The IAM can measure one item or a series of items if an multiple outlet strip is plugged into the IAM.