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Energy Genius Hardware


The Genius series allows users to monitor AND control their energy usage. A Genius gateway is the hub of the system. The gateway can interact with up to 10 sensors. Besides monitoring energy usage in real time, the Genius gateway can control smart plugs by turning them on or off.  Users can manage their Genius system though either a local network or remotely through the Enerati service.

The Genius Gateway receiver. The Gateway connects to a router with an Ethernet cable and communicates directly with the Enerati portal. The Internet Gateway can wirelessly receive and send data from up to 10 individual sensors. The gateway  sends real time usage and temperature information. In addition the Genius Gateway can control the sensors by turning them on or off.

Genius Gateway interacts with three different Sensor types via wireless signal:

CT Clamps

Smart Plugs

Temperature Sensors

Monitor single phase or three phase

Turn On or Off and monitor any outlet

Real time Temperature monitor

Mix and Match Sensors.

Sync up to 10 sensors to each Genius Gateway

Sync up to 10 Sensors

Connect to Enerati

View And CONTROL from any Internet connected device

Optional Genius Real Time Display (RTD) can be paired with up to 10 ct clamp sensors. The RTD has a display and can store and export data via a computer cable.

Must have a router with full time Internet connection.

Requires an Enerati account. Subscription fees may apply depending on service selected.

Starter kits are only $129

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Buy Now

Download the  Gateway Manual here

Download the RTD Manual here.