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Software Downloads

Driver Installation Guide

C2 Terminal

Developed as a utility program, the C2 Terminal is designed for users test connectivity to the serial port of Current Cost monitors and view the raw XML data in a low-fi style. The C2 terminal works with all data enabled Current Cost devices: both versions of the Classic and the Envi (CC128). Free. Download here

Enerati Data Uploader

The Enerati data uploader allows users to upload their historical and live data from the Envi or EnviR display to Enerati.  

The uploader will work on any Internet connected Windows PC. Once installed the program allows users to connect their display using the special Serial to USB cable.

The program uploads the live and history data to your Enerati account and you can select to which location you want the data to be uploaded to. For users with web bridges you can use the uploader to upload history data only. This will allow you to import all the data stored on your display to your web bridge account and immediately create a full history for your location.

When the program is launched users can select uploads using either live data uploads or history data uploads. The upload engine will only work with Enerati and users must have an active Enerati subscription.

Users can download the Enerati Data Upload engine by signing up to Enerati. Once signed up you will receive software download information when setting up a location. Click here to set up Enerati account.

USB Cable Drivers

In order for the Envi/EnviR to export data to a PC. It must use a special Serial to USB data cable. This cable can be ordered here. This special data cable requires the installation of a driver that will allow the PC to install this data cable and then allow data to transfer between the device and the PC. Please make sure the driver is installed correctly BEFORE installing any of the programs below.

OPTION A: If you are using an all white Data Cable

Windows XP-Download

Windows Vista, Windows 7 - Download

OPTION B: If you are using a white Data Cable with black USB plug

All Windows Versions - Download

Includes Windows 7, Vista, XP (32/64 bit)


Several users are reporting a code 10 error when installing the USB Date cable

Please follow this Code 10 Error Resolution Document

What about MAC? Unfortunately there are no good MAC software solutions that we can recommend at this time. We encourage MAC users to use either a web bridge or gateway to upload directly to Enerati and then view/download their data directly from their browser.

Energy Genius Basic Real Time Display

Please click on this link to download a free version of the energy monitoring software for use with the basic Genius RTD