Web Bridge for Envi Energy Monitor
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Web Bridge

The Web bridge aggregates the recorded energy information for every sensor connected to the display and relays this information every minute to the Enerati web portal. Once on Enerati users can log in and view, analyze and manage the information

Operating voltage:


Input Voltage (limits)


Power Adapter:

9VDC, 300mA, 2.1mm center positive. Power can also be provided using the USB port.




100mm x 76mm x 41mm


Serial communication over USB with debug output. USB can also be used for powering the prototype bridge.

Automatic Software Reset

The bridge can be reset by unplugging the power from the bridge, wait 5 seconds, then re-connect the power to the bridge. This will do a clean reset of the bridge, which will then cycle through setting up DHCP and communicating with the Current Cost broker.




16 KB of flash memory


512 bytes (ATmega168)

RJ45 Ethernet port

The RJ45 Ethernet port has two LEDs: Link/Act and 10/100.

LED: Link Activity (LINK/ACT)

The Link/Act LED should be on when connected. If the Link/Act LED is not ON, this usually means there is a bad network connection or bad cable. More details about LED activity:   

GREEN = link active BLINK = network activity OFF = link inactive

LED: 10/100

Baud Rate / Network Speed AMBER = 100Mb OFF = 10Mb

Web Bridge Installation Instructions